We make robotic steel manufacturing accessible

Our web platform eliminates 2D part drawings, and automates the connection between 3D CAD and robotic member processing

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3D CAD Interoperability

Our platform supports universal 3D files from major industry standards

CNC Interoperability

We translate supported files in to generic .nc1 files with optimisation for major beamline manufacturers

All Section Types

We support all Australian section types including EA, UA, PFC, UB, UC, UBP, WC, WB, HSS, SHS, Plate, and DuraGal equivalent sections, with global support coming soon

Feature Support

Our translation algorithm supports Holes, Slots, Copes, Mitres, Straight Cuts, Bevels, and Scribe Lines

Free CAD Add-Ins

We will provide automation to connect your local CAD software to our secure Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Based

Lightweight. Fast. Secure.

Meet the team

Youthful experience, mixed with passion, curiosity and drive

Sid - CEO

Sidney Duncan-Steele


With more than a decades experience in the steel industry, Sid started out as a fitter and then progressed to engineering and technical management. Sid has a natural passion for fishing, and restoring classical machines.

Sid is responsible for the engineering software development and the corporate direction of the business.

Aaron - CIO

Aaron Fahey


With 5 years experience in the IT industry, Aaron started out as a computer technician and then progressed to a full stack developer. Aaron has a natural passion for solving problems, and exploring new technologies.

Aaron is responsible for the development of the web platform and management of its underlying infrastructure.

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